*new album*
20 OCT 2020
YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH                you are listening to                ------------ HOLOCENE ------------                the TITLE TRACK from the new album by                ------------ SPECTRAL GATES ------------           cracked and trained or something by      ***** DAN + STEVE in 2020 *****                .........                Yeah sooooooooooo dan here ....... it's been a bit of a weird ride hey ........ right after we released album number one 9999 years ago I mean March 2020 and everything went to shit Steve started pulling out demo parts from like trackers and old session files and between that and some rehearsal tapes and stray ideas we figured we might get an album. Then Steve turned his house into a drum tracking space for a month and next thing I know I have 30+ half built tracks to figure out ... we're doing      ----- three albums i guess -----      ... We put most of the heavy stuff on this one. there's some banging techno bass on the next one but yr gonna have to wait for that.                (oh and yeah we're doing a live show at moshpit 8 nov, the seats have sold out but there's a livestream going up, check out the links somewhere around here for more info)                holocene the song was a bit of a tricky one. I was getting into old c64 tunes and wanted to do something like the last ninja soundtrack (respect to ben daglish) and in the middle of this jammy mess I got the main verse line thing and steve put the 0coast on it and that turned into the song. so when you're listening to this try and remember how rad everything felt in 1987.      around about here the track should be starting to get a bit gnarly.                the album goes live on streaming services and bandcamp on 20 oct 2020. let us know what you think.                               GREETZ GO out TO FBI - 2sER - ZZZ - *SUPPORT INDEPENDENT RADIO* - AaC - spirit lvl - vim - raven - HELU - datadoor - allgood - M.T. - vanderv. cybernetics - thx++ dom for the shaders - EMOM crew - everyone we forgot           CODE dan GFX dan + steve MUSIC dan + steve 2020->->->->-> onwards and upwards hey + stay safe out there                                   

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